Samsung quick drive

Samsung Quick Drive

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Our client and their challenge

With Retail as a very important stage of the consumer decision journey (51% of shoppers visit a retail outlet when in market for a new washing machine) Big Group Retail were tasked with creating experiential standout and best in class branded display units designed to draw immediate attention to Samsung’s new Quick Drive Washing Machine in retail stores. Required to encourage consideration and purchase through a desire for a washing machine that can save time with no compromise on performance, Big Group Retail’s solution was supported by Key visuals, POS and digital execution, and was an appropriate category creation for this new innovative


Our process and solution

Displays in-store

Big Group Retail initially considered and submitted proposals on campaign positioning, target market and customer journey, and delivered a message that would easily communicate the key benefits of Quick Drive both in 3D retail fixtures and in 2D assets. Following liaison with HQ, legal, and independent testing, a key headline was created which was then taken onto a premium design solution for fixtures. Customer education of features was via video content, together with an app whereby customers can compare laundry time spent on conventional vs Quick Drive products. Interaction with the display was also supported up by Ibeacon technology for customers in store proximity and able to find out more about the new product.

Big Group Retail designed, manufactured in Powder coated steel with raised acrylic lettering and LED branded signage, the display featured a lectern display housing an interactive screen. Displays are future-proofed and easily modified for future product launches. Displays were installed into 118 Dixons stores, and 29 John Lewis Partnership stores in October/November 2017; a further 100 Dixons Store Group in run installations will be completed in February 2018.


The result and the impact

At the time of writing, displays have only been in store for 3 weeks, but sales of the new product already exceed targets, and the next phase will be to roll out further in run executions early in 2018, to be supported by In Store experiential areas and window displays across the UK.