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Our client and their challenge

Dickies sell popular work-wear that evolved to be street-wear hip with skateboarders. They had grown to the point their outlet shop near Bath was bursting at the seams, needing a smarter design and storage solution.

They were considering expanding the shop into their warehouse. However, though this would mean more floor space it also meant losing storage. It was already very cluttered with shoe boxes of every model and size in the mid-store and clothes bursting off the rails, and this would only make it worse.

The store displays also needed refining. There was no considered journey for the shopper or attempts to upsell or generate impulse purchases. More space would mean diffusing an already unfocused shopper journey.

Big Group Retail were approached to design the new store interior due to our proven track-record of problem solving along with retail interior experience.

There was an exact understanding of the brief, in addition to Frontline making further suggestions that paved the way for success

Sales & Marketing Director, Dickies

Our process and solution

We knew that any solution would have to fit the Dickies brand, with the tough, gritty aesthetic appeal to builders, skateboarders and other loyal customers.

Throughout the store we created free standing merchandising units from industrial key clamp and timber materials, synonymous with hardworking, hardwearing apparel. Hidden storage behind the footwear units let employees quickly restock and removed the bulkiest product from the warehouse, saving space.

The wall units were floor to ceiling, but sturdy enough to free stand without the need for fixing back to the walls, whilst the mid-store FSDU’s were all on industrial castors. This meant Dickies could change their store layout at will to best promote their constantly changing product range. The design of the FSDU’s also allowed easy display of accessory products, increasing upsell, impulse buying and revenue.

The whole store was completed with a large island counter, which showed the historic Dickies timeline around it.

The result and the impact

In the first quarter Dickies reached their full-year sales forecasts, showing the effectiveness of the modular display units.

In addition, the innovative hidden shoe storage meant smarter use of existing space, saving room and simplifying restocking, giving employees more time to spend with customers.

Our attention to detail to brand and aesthetic enhanced the visual appeal of the store, increasing walk-in custom.