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Virtual Reality (or VR) brings experiences to you, your customers and your staff, on demand and 100% customised. It can bring to life places (real or imagined), products (completed or at concept), or anything else you like – the possibilities are endless.


We can use innovative, 360° 3D scanning technology to capture objects and environments, transporting the physical into the digital. Crafted VR experiences can allow you to prototype installations, review products, train staff, and experience things in a whole new setting. Customers can walk into your store, put on a headset, and be transported to a virtual showroom.


If you’d like a slightly more accessible way of merging the virtual with the real, Augmented Reality (AR) is something we also offer. We can map the real world to the virtual, allowing customers to peer into a new reality with a mobile device.

More of what we do


We're not just experts in the physical space, we have in-house staff with expertise in web development, design and management.


Graphic Design

From pop-up shops and displays to counter-top fixtures we have you covered with a team of experts ready to deliver the big ideas.



We'll work with you to understand, analyse and leverage shopper behaviour to offer engaging experiences to you customers.