27th August 2020

Laraine Porter Client Service Director

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At Big Group Retail, sustainability is more than just a buzzword: it’s baked into everything we do. We can help retailers rise to the challenge of sustainable business practices and meet their responsibilities to the planet.

Consumer expectations are high, and as the emphasis on environmentalism increases, they’re looking beyond the product to the entire supply chain for environmentally ethical practices.

That’s why retailers need to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, and a creative approach to environmentalism, to maintain consumer loyalty and stay ahead of the curve.

At Big Group Retail, we’re passionate about the planet. That’s why we constantly work towards sustainability, look for ways to reduce the quantity of materials we use, and consider every aspect of the process, from packaging, fixings and transportation to end of life repurposing.

We design with the entire lifecycle in mind. We put an emphasis on sourcing materials responsibly, and we always consider FSC Certified natural and reclaimed woods and environmentally friendly plastics wherever possible.

Increasing unit recyclability is also important to us, so once fittings have served their purpose, we ensure they can be disposed of responsibly and advise our clients of the best way to do so. We always aim to work with suppliers who support this initiative, so every aspect of the lifecycle is considered.

We aim to help brands make better environmental choices at each stage of point of sale development. Not only is a dedication to sustainability good for the environment, it’s also good for your brand and boosts customer loyalty.

If you’d like to speak to us about sustainability,

please get in touch at info@biggroup-retail.co.uk

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