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Our clients challenge

How does the #1 brand for food preparation appliances and coffee makers in the UK continue to excite, delight and meet the needs of shoppers in an increasingly crowded and competitive retail environment?

In an ongoing effort to maintain their market position, our client wanted to assess the entire shopper journey - from initial research to purchase completion, and turned to Big Group for shopper research that could answer the following questions;

  • What is the role of the store to inspire, influence and support the purchase decision?
  • What are the key triggers and barriers to category participation?
  • How easy is it to shop for our products in the retail environment?
  • How can we improve the retail experiences of our customers?
  • What can we do to help our customers have meaningful and memorable experiences in our retail settings? 

Our Process

To understand the role of the store within the context of the whole customer journey and to get under the skin of the retail shopper, Big Group conducted a series of one hour shop-along interviews with pre-recruited participants, inside retail stores. Participants had either purchased a food preparation appliance or coffee machine in the recent past, or were considering doing so in the immediate future. 

Interviews were structured to answer the specific questions posed by our client.

Our Solutions

Our analysis elicited valuable insight regarding shopper attitudes towards the brand and retail shopping experience. It identified the role of retail on the path to purchase, assessed the current in store journey and identified opportunities for retail improvement. It also highlighted the importance of having knowledgeable, expert retail staff on hand to elevate the shopper experience, drive product trial and exploration and secure sales in store. 

Our work has generated positive feedback from the Kenwood and De’Longhi team, who are using the insight to inform and validate new, shopper-centril retail design solutions for 2019/20.

For more information about this project, please contact us.

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